Plitvice Lakes National Park Tour – Croatia

The Plitvice lakes are popular for water changing watercolors. This lake is one of the mesmerizing aquatic natural phenomena in the world. It is an international tourist’s destination and the most exotic place in Europe. The Plitvice lakes national park in Croatia is the place to land to take nature tour. You must book the best Plitvice lakes tour from a trusted tour operator. Croatia is a tourist-friendly nation. The Plitvice lakes coordinates are 44°52′50″ north and 15°36′58″ east.

Major Attraction of Plitvice Lakes

  • Lower Plitvice Lakes
  • Upper Plitvice Lakes
  • Veliki slap (Water Falls)
  • Galovacki Buk (Water Falls)
  • Karst River
  • Korana River
  • Plitvica River
  • Vir (Whirlpool)
  • Lakes Canyon
  • Milka Trnina (Cascades)
  • Gradinsko Jezero (Lake)
  • Prošćansko Jezero (Lake)
  • Okrugljak (Lake)
  • Plitvice lakes national park
  • Boating in Plitvice Lake

The above-mentioned attraction will cover 16-Lakes. This includes passing by natural colored lakes, waterfalls, cascades and lush meadows. You will be walking in wooden pathways in most of the places. You can view the Dinaric Alps from the upper lakes region. It will take almost 4-hours to see the entire attraction.

Best Season to Visit Plitvice Lakes

The summer season April to August is the best time to watch flowing water from the cascades and waterfalls. The winter season November to March is with snowfalls. The temperature may dip below zero degree in this place. The tourists do come to see the frozen Plitvice lakes in winter Croatia during the winter season. Yet, the lakes with many cascades on Karst Rivers with changing color patter are advisable to see in the summer time.

How to reach Plitvice lakes?

The tourists can reach the Plitvice Lakes National Park from the below mentioned place near to the Plitvice lakes. It is advisable to book the best Plitvice lakes tour online with up and down pickup and drop.

  • Plitvice lakes tour from Zagreb
  • Plitvice lakes tour from Zadar
  • Plitvice lakes tour from Split

There are many local day tour operators from these regions with an assisted guide.

By Train

The nearest Train Station to reach Plitvice Lakes is Josipdol Rail Station and Plaski Rail Station.

By Air

The nearest Airport to reach Plitvice Lakes is from Zadar Airport, Zagreb Airport and Rijeka Airport.

By Road

The national highway passes around these lakes. You can reach by private travels by road from Zagreb, Zadar, and Split.

The best Plitvice lakes tour of an all-inclusive package is the best for all tourists visiting this exotic lake region in Croatia. This lake is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is advisable to plan your tour, stay, and food before you start. It is the best place to take natural photos and videos with water as background. The lake’s water changes its color to blue, azure, gray and green color. This kind of natural phenomena is very rare to see on this planet Earth.


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