Medical Tips That Will Empower You during Wilderness Situation

If you are an adventure lover who loves exploring new places during a hiking, hunting or fishing trip, you must acknowledge the fact that you might have to make your way through wilderness sometimes. When you are staying at the best Tadoba accommodation you have nothing to worry, but if you are planning to explore the jungle alone, then you need to know some useful medical tips. Not only will this help you in protecting yourself from the risks posed by the jungle, but it will give you a lot of time to rehabilitate when professional medical assistance will be far away from your position.

With that being said, here are some of the helpful medical tips that will help you in surviving a wilderness scenario:

Stay Away From the Sun and Use Tree Bark

Excessive exposure to the harmful sun rays during a jungle wilderness situation leads to quick death. Overexposure to the dangerous ultraviolet rays becomes unbearable after a point in time and often results in sunburn, as well as, causes dehydration. The best solution to such scenario is to stay away from the sun rays as much as possible which needs you to find a huge tree shade and cover your skin with caked mud, woven grasses, ash or charcoal. Another great way of avoiding sunburn is finding aspen trees whose bark can be utilized as an effective sunscreen.

Use Medicinal Plants for Treating Infections

There is a wide range of medicinal plants that you can identify in the jungle and use as an effective antiseptic for treating wounds. For instance, pressed garlic juices and wild onions can act as a great antiseptic to affected areas. Speaking of painful and infected areas, you can also make use of the burdock plant leaves as antiseptic. In case you are having burns, look for pure honey as it is a great solution to burns, thanks to its pain-relief properties.

Watch Out for Aloe Vera

Being stuck in the wilderness and lacking a first aid kit can be truly challenging, but you can easily solve your problem if you are able to find Aloe Vera plant in the jungle. Known for treating burn effectively and being a great antiseptic, the Aloe Vera plant also offers numerous medicinal benefits. If you are stuck in a wilderness situation, make sure to scout for Aloe Vera plants while navigating the space. The pulp of the Aloe Vera plant can be applied to cure scrapes, burns, and other cuts.

Scalp Wounds

Always try to carry glue whenever you are out for a trip to jungle or other places. This helps to stop the bleeding in case you are wounded and need to tie the wound as soon as possible. Lacerations are scalp wounds that are most likely to bleed and require stitching on the go.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, the best way to avoid a wilderness situation and any sort of mishap or injury is conducting a proper research about the place. Check the flora found in the place and see what medicinal properties they possess.

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