Many adventure junkies have stopped heading towards European destinations to fulfill their desire for adventure. There are many reasons for this, the first one being the exuberant cost of adventure sports in the western world. When we talk about the Arabian faction, there are a multiple water sport activities on offer – one of the famous water sports is kite surfing.

Among all the GCC countries, Qatar stands as one of the best places for kite-surfing. Don’t believe us? Well, read for yourself!

Below are 5 reasons why Qatar is the best place for kite-surfing:

1: Summer all year around

The best part about Qatar and its beaches is the weather. While the locals may complain about the hot season all year round, you as a tourist may find the warmth on the beach even in December a welcoming change. There is no need to plan your vacation around the summers as it is bright and shiny all year round in Qatar and you can plan your kite vacation at any time of the year.

2: Ideal Wind speeds

Qatar’s ideal wind speeds enable the tourists to kitesurf whenever they want. The wind ranges from 10 to 15 miles per hour. However, from February to June you get the maximum number of days with a wind speed of over 20 miles per hour. The range is such that all categories from beginner to professional surfers can suit up and flip their boards.

3: Accessible Beaches

Unlike many other beaches in the GCC region, beaches in Qatar and especially Doha are easily accessible. Some of the beaches are just adjacent to the highway and therefore you can just park your jeep and walk over to the beach. Even if the ones in the city seem expensive due to extensive commercialization, you can always hit some of the undiscovered and quiet beaches of Qatar.

4: Many clubs and companies

If you are not a licensed Kitesurfer, you can always begin your kite-surfing adventure in Qatar. With many kitesurfing schools in Qatar, you can learn the craft from the best. The best part is that you can not only learn but practice as well due to the favorable conditions for kitesurfing. Remember, there are no bad weather days for you to hide in your hotel room away from the adventure.

5: The picturesque sights

It is not only the time you spend surfing that you will enjoy but also the drive to the surfing spot and the scenes around it. You can also visit the old city ruins amongst the beaches to experience a historical view while you stroll on the beach or surf with your favorite kite on.

Therefore, once you have decided to go kitesurfing then get yourself a rented jeep and kite surfing equipment Qatar to start your adventure. On your way to the high wind and sunny beaches, you will witness some of the God’s wonders on earth which you might not witness elsewhere in the world. Don’t shy away from a rough sea experience with the glory of flight under your feet. You can not only see various beaches from ground level but also from 50 feet above the ground at heart racing lengths.

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