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WordPress, which is an open source content management system or CMS is a software that one can use to create and manage websites. WordPress platform is available for free to create your website or blog which is maintained voluntarily by the volunteers around the world and currently not owned by any company. It also provides WordPress website Support Serviceswhich will help you fix WordPress issues with a 24X7 customer support and many other options.

Oftenbeginners easily get confused between and due to their similar names. Although both are based on the same technologyand available to create a websitebuthavemuch difference which you must be aware of before you select one to create your website.

Before we begin with providing you detailed information about the difference between and, let me give you a brief idea about the historyof WordPress and how it works:-

The first WordPress version 1.1 was announced on May 27th 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, and it was based on b2cateflog which was discontinued by its developers. It was an open source content management system where anyone could volunteer to develop it further by using their skills.  Since then, they haven’t looked back and by 2018, WordPress has become one of the biggest platforms which power more than 30% of websites available worldwide.

The primary reason for its success is it is very beginner friendly and easy to use. You do not have to pay for the website designing or website developing to set up your website as WordPress CMS contains all these features required. Just follow a few simple steps and voila, your website is ready.

Now you are aware how the WordPress came into existence and why it is so popular let’s come to the point what is the difference between and

  1. Founder of WordPress: provides an open source Content Management System or CMS by the non-profit organization WordPress Foundation co-founded by Matt Mullenweg. is created by its founder Matt Mullenweg and his company Automatic who is also a co-founder of the WordPress Software.

Both are separate entities but due to having the same founder, people often get confused with each other.

Primary Difference:

When someone talks about WordPress, they are usually referring to which is the home of the software. The websites on are managed by a non-profit foundation and anyone can download WordPress to create their blog or any type of website.

To use and create a website on, you will need to find your own web host provider along with a domain to install your WordPress site.This is one of the main difference between both the platforms.

Cost of a Website on and

Both WordPress.Org and are oftenreferred to as free of cost platform to create a website. However, both will cost you some money if you want to create a website and manage it.

By using WordPress, you get only limited basic plan along with a subdomaine.g along with hundreds of themes and plugins to use for free of cost along with a 3gb of limited storage.

If you need your own domain name or more storage and services, you will have to pay for premium services depending on your business needs. You can select a business or premium plan if you have medium size business and expect more traffic on your website or if you have a smalland you do not expect much traffic on your site, you can buy a personal services plan which is quite affordable.

Using software, you can create an unlimited number of websites for absolutely no cost. It is free to use. However, is a self-hosted platform and there are other costs which you have to pay while using this software to create your website. What you simply have to buy using platform is a domain name and a Web host provider. There are numerous affordable options available to buy which will help you set up your website on this platform which is quite cheaper than

Though, provides hundreds of free themes and plugins in its directory you can also buy other optional premium themes or plugin which is upto your business requirement.

Creating a Website using and

Though, both and are built on the same piece of software, but they are very much different from each other in management and maintenance.

Creating a website using is as easy as what you only have to do is having an account on Google, Yahoo, Facebook or any other website. You do not have to worry about FTP server or hosting control panel as after downloading the software, you can right away set up the website and create content within a few clicks.

Creating a website on is also not difficult but can be a little bit complicated for beginners or someone who is not tech-savvy.

Step-1            Download the software by visiting

Step-2            Create database in your web hosting account

Step-3            Upload WordPress to your server by unzipping it

Step-4            Run and install script

The above steps are not difficult to follow but can be a bit tricky if you are not a regular computer user with some knowledge of technology. If you think the above steps are difficult, worry not, as many web host provider offers a one-click WordPress installation which will complete the process of installing WordPress within few simple clicks.

Where is a “self-hosted” platform, is a “hosted” platform. In a self-hosted platform, you will have to manage the responsibilities of regular maintenance, cleanup and other important things to speed up your site. To do that, you can also take the help of WordPress website support servicesto fix WordPress issues, providing security and improving its functionality.

On the other hand, a hosted platform takes care of these things automatically.

Customization and Control on Each Platform: provides numerous plugins and themes to use for your websites like security, social media backup and many more, however, if you are using a lower plan, you would only be able to install few third-party plugins and opt for a higher plan. provides tremendouslygood customization options. As it is a self-host platform, you can select and install as many plugins or themes you want to.  You can also create your own themes and implement the design changes like custom font, design by editing the files directly in the database. In other words, you will be having full control of your website in your hand. You will be solely responsible for your website security, updates, and maintenance.


Having a support structure is very important to successfully run your website. provides two types of support. One free plan and other paid plan. By using a free plan, you can ask for the help in a community forum from volunteers or find the existing solutions.

By using paid services, you will get a chat support and email support from

As mentioned above, in it will solely be your responsibility to maintain your website, its security and database cleaning to run your website smoother.

You can take the help of WordPress community forums where several users of the community will answer your query. Or take the help of blogs and there are many free blogs are available related to common WordPress issues.


There are many other differences between and, but we have mentioned only a few important ones which will help you select the right platform for your website.

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