Intelligent Instagram Hacks That Can Improve Your Search Rankings

Search engine optimization or SEO is basically playing with the keywords and increasing the possibilities of your website’s ranking on the major search engines. It is much easier said than done, given the fact that organic traffic is now difficult to achieve due to the introduction of paid advertisements. However, with social media marketing platforms such as Instagram, you can actually engage your target audience, and influence them to like, and share your business content all over the channel, causing higher exposure and better search rankings.

With more than 800 million users and around 80 plus million images shared every day, Instagram is definitely the prime choice for marketers who want to have high user engagement for their brands online. Take a look at some of the incredible Instagram hacks that will help you in boosting your performance on search engines:

Humanize Your Brand

When it comes to promoting your brand on Instagram, posting high-quality images of products and other brand offerings will not create the desired effect. Instagram is obviously famous for its visual only nature of the content, but that does not imply that you will always have to post business specific images. Focus more on posting lifestyle shots that your followers can relate to easily and share and repost it. This kind of motivation will lead to better user engagement and you can easily grow your brand visibility on the social media platform with real Instagram followers. Building brand awareness on Instagram needs more of a personal touch in your content marketing strategy.

Run Instagram Contests

Due to the intuitive nature of social media, giveaways and contests are a great medium for increasing engagement and increasing brand awareness, all of which leads to better search rankings. Be creative and less-promotional at first while building the structure of your Instagram contest. For instance, you do not simply want your followers to participate in the contest, but you also want their friends and new followers to take part in it. Create the posts for your contest with titles like “Tag that Friend” or “Mention that Person”, in order to ensure more user engagement. Also, provide a discount or promo code to the active participants in your giveaways on Instagram.

Optimize Your Hashtag Application

Creating your own hashtags whether it is branded or related to your user community is a great initiative in terms of higher search rankings. Using unique and popular hashtags for your Instagram posts has the ability to make your content discoverable. Hashtags are an effective utility on Instagram that users avail for searching information to meet their needs. Identify the requirements of your target audience and optimize your hashtags accordingly. While creating hashtags for your Instagram posts, research the phrases your competitors use in order to make your hashtag unique and stand out in the niche. Such approach will improve your brand visibility on the visual-sharing channel, as well as, with greater brand awareness you can make certain of better performance on search engines.


Marketing your business on Instagram is all about gaining new followers and improving your search rankings through higher user engagement. Adhere to the aforementioned guideline and meet your social media marketing goals.


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