Gomed Stone Online Shopping – Original Rudraksha Mala Online Shopping

This Gomed stone is well known as Hessonite Garnet Stone when we speak in English. Due to so many different languages in India, some even call it as ‘Gomedh’ or ‘Gomedak’. Well, if the name doesn’t sound familiar, then ‘Gomedhikam’ would. However, when we talk about these kinds of stones, we must not forget about the energy and the capability that the stone possesses. The Gomed stone is believed to be a part of the planet- Rahu and possesses strong energy of the malefic.

Similarly like the gemstones, Rudraksha also possesses the energy to bring good in your life. However, Rudraksha is different from gemstone and is even cheaper. When we speak of Rudraksha, we must mention about the number of faces it has. The two faced Rudraksha symbolises Surya Deva and Chandra Deva while the three faced Rudraksha symbolises Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. The Rudraksha varies from 1-21 Mukhi/Faced and you should never get one without consulting the Jyotish personally.

Apart from this, a proper mantra should always been performed by the individual who wears it in order to maintain the energy in position. Well, if you are here for original Rudraksha mala online shopping, lists of Rudraksha Mala that we offer are provided below.

1. Maha Mrityunjay Mala
2. Dhyan Yog Mala
3. Surya Power
4. Agya Chakra
5. Shiv Mala
6. Shani Kantha
7. Kaalsarp Dost Nivarak
8. Ganesh-Laxmi Bandh
9. Durga Shakti Bracelet
10. Dosh Nivarak
11. Indra Mala
12. Siddha Mala
13. Saraswati Bandh
14. Swasthya Bandh

All this mala are a combination of different Mukhi Rudraksha yielding particular benefits for the user. Some are good for bringing wealth in your life while the others are to free you from any type of curse. Consult our expertise and choose the one for you. Original Rudraksha Mala online shopping is now way too easy with the help of Shiv Rattan Kendra.

Speaking of the Gomed stone, the quality of the stone depends on the carat that you go for. The higher the carat, the more will be the stone powerful. However, wearing the Gomed stone without consulting a Jyotish can bring opposite effects on your life and can even put your life in danger. You should even look out for whether the stone is an original one or not. Well, if you are at Shiv Rattan Kendra for Gomed stone online shopping, you need not worry about its quality. We do provide what you want and to make it easier our expertise can even help you out with whatever you are looking.

The benefits of the stone are clear and being a stone from the Planet – Rahu, it helps you get rid of Rahu kal. The fear complexes that usually a person has in him/her is what the stone removes and bring in self-confidence and the courage to outrage and achieve what you deserve.

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