Celebration Time Is Dinner Cruise Time for Hens in Sydney

Some of the best things happen in our lives on the occasion of Halloween and Christmas. The rest of the time we spend slogging away at our desks trying to make money and more money. To take a break from the dull routine, one needs an exciting lunch or dinner cruise in the Sydney Harbour.

Many types of cruises

These are exclusive events organised by the cruise managers on board the boats to cater to a handful or to a couple of hundred revellers at a time. Among the many choices, the popular ones include the Bucks Party cruises, the Latino dinner cruises, the Rock ‘N’ Roll dinner cruises, and the Hens party cruises. The party lasts for three and a half hours and you will relish every moment of it.

For instance, on the hen’s dinner cruise, you get to choose the vessel and the package for the event. You have spacious indoor and outdoor decks with 360-degree view. You have premium beverages and freshly prepared meal to make your celebration a great one. The parquet dance floors have disco lights and ample space to gyrate to the music dished out by the dedicated DJ.

Spectacular topless waiters and waitresses

You have sensational onboard entertainment to keep you and your guest thrilled to the bone. Of course, there are many optional extras such as topless waitresses or Latino dancers to cater to the special occasion. You have a dedicated host to see to your every need and it is like dining at home – on a boat. You can select the menu and enjoy the dishes you select for the big day. For all Hens party cruises you have restaurant-style dining and a delightful tour around the Sydney harbour.

The topless waiters for the hen’s dinner cruise are all handsome men with a flair for entertaining their guest. You can enjoy yourself and you will remember the occasion for a long time. Many promos, events, and modelling shoots have taken place on the boat tours because they provide the best scenery and the location is exotic.

For your drink selection, there are soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, as well as a wine and beer selection. There are fine vegetarian dishes such as Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Florentine and Roma-tomato and basil bruschetta among many others. In the non-vegetarian section, you find Flamed Grilled Beef Balls with dipping sauce and Skewered marinated chicken pieces served with tzatziki.

Sublime music to go with the food

The wonderful food has the backing of great music from the professional DJ waiting to play the song you like. You can watch the harbour sights from a quiet corner and enjoy your appetiser as you wait for your dinner. The best things happen because we want them to, we plan them to happen.

So, when you want to unwind for the day in style, go for a dinner cruise in Sydney harbour. It will help you want to do something more the next day…and the day after that. It is so exciting and it is all worth the time and effort we put into it. It is an occasion whether it is Father’s Day or not.

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