What should be routine for a Happy Baby

Being a new parent, it is quite difficult to find a happy baby routine. With all the excitement we tend to mishandle the situation.  We started taking care of a newborn baby more than required. This way we are spoiling the happy baby routine. Here we have shared a perfect way to deal with your newborn baby and to create a happy routine with them.

Initial Stage

When you bring your newborn baby from pregnancy hospital, you are not in the good sense as you are recovering. Your life becomes chaos and all the routine gets disturbed. Initially work on making a routine of your child. Observe the nap time of your baby so that you can have a break for yourself. When you know the routine of your baby, your anxiety level will be controlled.  Afterward, you can also adjust to this routine. Pick up the cues and observe him set up a routine


With the new-born baby, it seems silly to start a routine for bedtime. No matter how many time a day your baby sleep set a routine. Both daytime and night-time routine can be different. During the day you can choose to do other work like cooking or washing while a baby is sleeping. At night before your baby’s sleeping time, do some necessary activities like change baby clothes, sing prayer or read a book or massage his/her baby. This way baby will understand that this is the night time. It will help you to set day and night routine. With time baby get signals and understand the surrounding environment.

Bath time and massage time

Set a time for massage and bath. Don’t give random massage follow a daily routine. After the umbilical cord is detached you can set a bath time.  Before taking your baby for a bath, collect necessary accessories like soap, bath towel, the soft washcloth, infant tub, lotion, clothes, diaper etc.  Follow a proper procedure of bath. Give a break of at least two hours between bath and massage. Any women or children hospital can guide you through both the things.


The naptime routine is important to set. It is not recommended that baby asleep anywhere anytime. You have to observe baby’s natural process and then need to develop a nap schedule. The general routine is that baby follow two-hour rule napper. To set the routine you can sing the same lullaby or dim the light at the time of nap so that baby begins to recognize the signals.


After six months when a baby is ready for a meal. Start a routine by making him/her eat along with you. Turn off the TV and sit together to form a healthy routine.

These are few tips however; you have to work with your child to set a happy routine. It is hard to develop a routine but it is worth for better living. It will save lots of energy and efforts.

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