Great Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy Mouth

A healthy body depicts the kind of lifestyle you live. With advancement in technology and more concern toward health, people have gravitated toward keeping their health in order, not only their general health but also the dental health. But even without any dental office visits one can take good care of the teeth and the oral cavity. Here we are giving some important tips and steps by which you can take care of the dental hygiene for maintaining a healthy mouth.

  1. Brushing regularly: brushing twice daily without fail is a key to a healthy and fresh mouth. Without brushing the teeth, the plaque which gets stuck on the teeth is very difficult to remove. Each day with a lot of food particles that get lodged between the teeth can only be taken out with the help of brushing.
  2. Flossing: this is another modern way to remove the lodged food particles which gets stuck in between two teeth. Some regions in the mouth are difficult to access through brushing like the posterior region, in such cases, flossing plays a crucial role. Just flossing alone can prevent caries from being formed to a great extent. One of the most painful and prevalent caries form is type 2 caries can be prevented from developing by flossing. Floss is a nylon thread which is held by both the hands in such a way that the stretched portion of the thread can be used to remove the food particles.
  3. Mouth washing: these days, different companies have come up with different formulations of the mouth washes. These mouthwashes are an excellent form of mouth fresheners as well as antiseptic solutions. Usage of mouthwashes daily can prevent caries and pyorrhea to a great extent.
  4. Home remedies: people from the old generation used to brush their teeth by using a combination of various home kitchen items. Few such remedies we are sharing. Mixture of salt and mustard oil has been found to excellent toothpaste. However, the salt used in the paste is very abrasive; this combination can be used one in a while to get that clean and fresh feeling. Using turmeric with some mustard oil is also a great remedy to heal and cure swollen gums and pyorrhea.
  5. Warm saline rinses: in a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of salt is added; these can be used as rinses. It should be swished around in the mouth and spitted. This ensures that the blood circulation is proper in all the teeth and gums and also it acts as an osmotic solution to for the gums which get swollen due to periodontists. Any sort of pus can be oozed out by rinsing the mouth with warm saline rinses three to four times a day. Through warm saline rinses, infection can be lessened and a patient on antibiotics can heal soon.
  6. Oil pulling: coconut or sesame oil is used to bring freshness in the mouth and to clean it. A spoonful of oil is taken in the mouth and swished vigorously around in the mouth to get rid of any dirt or lodged food.

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