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If you are willing to get an offer from another country then you must take steps to land yourself in a dream job. As the country offers very exciting job prospects ibn Putrajaya. And this in turn benefits and boosts your profile covering your ambitions to build a new life for yourself.  However, it is important to remember that adjusting to a foreign place isn’t always a great experience, personally and professionally. With the passage of time, Malaysia has reported a significant rise in a number of expats especially from North America, Europe, and many other nations. The reason behind this is that it is turning out to be a region for multinational companies as the business minded people finds this city as emerging market for a wide range of products and services. And the operational costs here are relatively low which attracts expats so that they can save more. Some of the booming sectors are financing sector, education sector, entertainment sector, construction sector, tourism and hospitality and information technology. And those who are qualified and experienced expats get attractive salary package jobs in various sectors, for example, manufacturing, banking, accounting, real estate, insurance, oil and gas industries. Medical tourism is also flourishing at a superb rate hence offers a large number of jobs in the healthcare sector.

There are some profiles whose salary packages are good and offer a large number of jobs in Putrajaya to the job seekers. The list is as follows

  • Doctors

Qualification – candidates who have successfully completed MBBS degree get a good package while those who have MD in any specialization get placed in good hospitals.

  • IT Jobs

Qualification – candidates with B.Tech in CSE/ IT/ ECE/ EEE and Mechanical are eligible to apply and get placed with the top-notch organization. Preference is given to those who have master’s degree in addition and experienced candidates as well.

  • Travel and tourism

Qualification – candidates with BA/BS degree are typically required to teach English in Putrajaya, a master’s degree is preferred by some schools, and a TEFL certification is typically required as well.

  • HR

Qualification – MBA in any specialization is must, MBA in HR is given preference.

  • Banking

Qualification- Bachelor Degree in Business, Finance, and Marketing is required.

  • Dentist

Qualification – candidates with BDS and MDS.

Apart from the above profiles, there are many other factors which a candidate looking for jobs in Putrajaya should consider while looking for jobs.

  • Most of the families who are based in this country have at least one vehicle in their house. This, in turn, means clogged and congested roads during rush and especially in the office hour. Luckily commuters can avoid heavy traffic if they use toll roads. The process to use these roads requires a Go-To card for these roads which are easily available at all toll kiosks, gas stations.
  • Citizens of Putrajaya are provided with extensive state help which includes medical care facilities, sickness and maternity cover, child care, pensions, unemployment benefit and in some instances housing and disability benefits. Access to medical facilities in case of foreign workers are limited because of this Putrajaya is asking companies to provide medical insurance to their employees so as to ease the expatriate pressure. Private medical insurance is recommended for most of the foreigners.

Two important qualities called persistence and optimistic approach is required to get jobs in Putrajaya a part for qualification.

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