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Grade 12 English is a much more focused course compared to the previous high school English classes. Where you were once writing in a variety of styles, English 12 specifically pushes the student towards critical thinking and analysis, combined with the requirement for clarity and concision in their writing. The idea is that you will be practicing the thought process and inquiry that post-secondary schools ask for in their literature courses.

With Writing, it is expected at this point that students are extremely adept in the mechanical aspects of writing. Paragraphing, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure should be flawless, and if not, it will reflect very poorly on your work submissions. Instead, the major focus for the writing is the development and expression of ideas with clarity and precision. To generate the required critical thought and inquiry, there are two things you can do. One is to relate course content to world content. What are you learning in the course that can be related to socio-cultural concepts? Two, recall the extensive notes you made when reading. Group them into the course themes and find something that interests you, a topic where you can strongly agree or disagree with. These will be cornerstones of your idea development. When writing, make sure you are not creating flowery, eloquent sentences with words that are rare and unheard of. Teachers will know when students are attempting to hide behind a smokescreen of fancy words. Rather, make your sentences direct and to the point. It will direct the reader’s attention to the content of your idea, and secondly, it will allow you more room to substantiate your perspective. Proving Grade 12 English your position thoroughly is extremely important. Each proof you use, ask yourself, “If this were my only proof, would it convince someone?” If the answer is no, keep searching. “

In terms of Reading, students can be expected to read texts from a variety of time periods, cultures, and genres. Students should also expect dramatic works, most likely chosen from Shakespeare’s expertise, but not necessarily. You must be prepared to read texts that you are unfamiliar with and uncomfortable with and be able to connect them to each other. A large part of English 12 asks you to find ties in between texts where you may not think any exist. In order to prepare yourself for this, you should first determine certain themes that will run throughout the course. You may ask your teacher for clarification about these. Once you have narrowed down these themes, come prepared for each text with a highlighter or sticky notes. Chunk your text into chapters or paragraphs and keep a record of what theme or idea that paragraph might pertain to. This will provide you with insight into the connecting threads between texts and provide the supporting detail later on when you write.

Achieving high grades in grade 12 academic English relies on a deep understanding of readings and well thought out arguments. Well-kept notes on your readings will be the foundation for your course. Combine this with well-developed arguments written in a clear and concise manner and you will achieve success.

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