Let’s talk about Help Desk Outsourcing

When you are too busy taking care of the non-core domains, one factor that could possibly drag you down is the negligence towards the technical competencies. You might be stuck in a deteriorating state that wholly accounts for the excessive involvement in renovating the infrastructure, buying heavy equipment and promoting the brand products. And amongst all that, what you are likely to overlook is the significance of employing a resource that has the capability to change the face of your organization. If you are unable to manage the specialized departments on your own, you can switch to the aid of external service providers. One of the major introductions that completely modified the business game in this concern is help desk outsourcing.

It is the technique of hiring third-party support vendors for resolving issues of both the customers and the end users. It is aimed at administering the problems that primarily revolve around the ITES including computer and laptop set-up, dealing with downtime, data security maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware establishment, online processes of SCM and responding to esoteric FAQs. There are a number of mediums through which the companies offer this kind of assistance such as free-phone calls, emails, instant text messages, web chats and direct communication approaches. There are three main divisions of help desk agent groups namely, networking, desk side, telecom and server team.

Now, let us explore the important features of this solution that increase its popularity among the users:

Single Point of Contact

It acts as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for the customers and the relevant employees. Every information or aid pertaining to the sphere of information technology is rendered by the expert agents. The clients and the end users can gain assistance in obtaining answers to the reported questions, solutions to the problems and expect in-depth details about the requested matter after proper research and analysis to reach the root cause of the troubles.

Bug tracking system

The help desks incorporate a local bug tracker (LBT) in their paraphernalia. This is enforced with the help of software for tracking issues and searching for the most suitable solutions in very less span. The user requests are tracked and sorted via a unique ID. This number is registered on the basis of problem type, computer program, customer’s location and the reporting time. The queries are then prioritized after being classified into sub-categories. The solutions are provided on both enterprise level and departmental level.

Database management

The help desk outsourcing companies also appoint operators to take care of the authenticity of information fed into the system and the robustness of database. The directories are well-maintained such that the users and the agents are not confused and the time wasted in traversing through folders is saved. Security of files is one of the major concerns that is taken care of with the help of HDO services.

Focus on end processes

These services are aimed at incidents related to the end customers or end users. The concentration is wholly directed to the resolution of mismanaged tasks with respect to IT and other technical problems. Rather than rotating about every small to the big administrative issue, the help desks are enforced to eliminate a streamlined set of problems, i.e. the fixation of ITES in an organization.

Once you get to know the characteristics of help desk outsourcing services, you should also be aware of the numerous advantages that it holds. So here is a brief description of the boons that help desk support brings along with it:

Reduction in expenditure

By outsourcing the help desk services, half of the operational costs are reduced. You save the money incurred by recruiting, training and waging the in-house reps. Moreover, the overhead costs are also reduced to a notable extent.

Quick resolution of queries

The agents hired to perform help desk services are trained and experienced to provide instant yet a deep-rooted solution to the technical issues. You can depend on them for availing state-of-the-art solutions in the minimum time.

Optimization of resources

Since you do not need to invest in incorporating heavy equipment when you switch to this option, help desk outsourcing helps to gain maximum output at the minimum input of resources.

High-quality services

Along with the increment of both monetary and non-monetary profits, this solution is responsible for the maintenance of a high standard of products and services. Customers go after nothing else but the improved quality of commodities. So, it is imperative to employ a help desk for this purpose.

Emphasis on core competencies

When you utilize the support of these external support providers, you can be carefree about the mismanagement in the core sector. The time and energy required to focus on the central competencies are automatically saved when you share your workload.

Increased customer satisfaction

As a result of the extended aid, the consumers go back content and satisfied with your services at the end of sales closure.

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